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Self Storage Security

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Before investing in self-storage it's important to know that the location you decide to use offers a secure space to keep your goods. That's why so many customers decide to keep their belongings at a location like Fortress Secure Mini-Storage. Fortress offers secure storage units that are protected by a variety of measures such as electronic gates, individual alarms, and careful surveillance systems. Learn more about the different features that make this into a secure self-storage facility that other customers are willing to trust with their belongings. 

Protected with an Electronic Gate

Each customer of Fortress Secure Mini-Storage gets their own unique code they must enter into the pad to get into the electronic gate. As the gate doors swing open, the person's unit alarm is also deactivated, enabling them to open it up without setting off the alarm system. 

Individual Burglar Alarms

Every one of the secure storage units at Fortress is fitted with its own burglar alarm. These alarms are tied to the gate system and are deactivated as you enter your proper code and enter the facility. The alarms will alert the authorities if someone unauthorized tries to get into your unit.

A Well Lit Facility

One of the keys to effective security with storage units is maintaining a well-lit environment. A series of LED lights keep the location nice and bright when people are inside. A backup generator is installed to maintain the power for the gate, the cameras, the alarms, and the lights so visibility is always excellent.

Monitored by 24/7 Cameras

Cameras are carefully positioned throughout strategic points of the Fortress location in order to give the owners a complete view of all the different units. This makes it easy to aid law enforcement if anything goes wrong, and gives everyone reassurance that their belongings are being watched closely. Video recordings are kept overtime to give you peace of mind that you are protected. 

Delivery Acceptance is Available

These secure storage units can be used as a business tool for accepting packages as well. If you would like to receive deliveries at your specific unit, add on the feature to your unit and your deliveries will be inserted right into your storage unit until you're ready to check them at your leisure. 

This secure storage facility works hard to keep the belongings of its customers safe and sound. If you choose to keep your goods here, you'll take comfort in knowing that the staff and the different security features are working to keep your items safe. Each of the secure storage units is reliable for long-term protection and safety.

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