Storage Packing & Moving Supplies

Making the move to a new location is exciting and can be a very real opportunity, but it involves a great deal of work as well. In order to make sure your move goes smoothly it's important to invest in the right moving supplies for your task.

It's amazing how much of a difference things like moving boxes, packing tape, and bubble wrap can make when you move important belongings from one place to another. At Fortress Secure Mini Storage we make the most useful moving supplies available for purchase, learn how you can use them to improve your move. 

Choose Properly Sized Moving Boxes

The first step to moving successfully is getting the moving boxes that will protect all your belongings during your move. The right boxes have enough space for your belongings but don't leave much room inside either. These boxes keep everything locked in position while offering a layer of safety to help prevent damage from occurring during your move. 

At Fortress Secure Mini Storage, we have a variety of moving boxes to choose from. We offer small boxes, medium-sized boxes, large and extra-large moving boxes. It's a good idea to purchase a variety of these containers to hold your belongings.

You can either buy a random assortment of boxes and bring them home, or you can measure the items in your home and decide on the boxes based on your measurements. Either way, you want to have many different sized boxes available for packing up your valuables effectively before your move. 

Pad Your Delicate Items

During any major move, you're going to have belongings such as glasses, mirrors, and others that are easily broken. It's up to you to make sure they're adequately protected, and just writing delicate on your moving boxes isn't enough to achieve that result.

You're going to want bubble wrap or wrapping paper to put around your delicates while packing them. We offer rolls of both materials to help you safeguard your valuables effectively. Pick up a few rolls and you'll be ready to properly wrap up those possessions that are most likely to break. 

Get Sturdy Tape to Seal Your Boxes

No moving box is effective without the right tape to seal it up. We offer both mailing tape and packing tape at our office, and it's up to you to choose the option you like best. Our mailing tape is best for sealing up boxes for short-term use and doesn't handle major temperature fluctuations well.

Our packing tape holds up for long-term storage and can withstand extreme temperatures better. Both tape options can be used for moving, but it's up to you to choose the tape that's best suited to your specific moving circumstances. 

Lock up Your Storage

Among our different moving and packing supplies is a selection of different security padlocks. We offer the disc-style locks as well as the cylinder locks to choose from. Our locks are all designed to fit on our self-storage units and work well to safeguard your belongings if you decide to invest in a storage unit to hold your belongings.

Whether you need a place to keep your stuff during your move, or you have extras that you need to tuck away after the move, our storage facilities offer excellent security and all the space that you need to keep your stuff safe and sound. 

Get the right supplies to make your move as smooth as possible. With our boxes, tape, bubble wrap, and locks, you'll have all that you need to get your belongings from one location to another. We even offer carts and other moving tools to help give you the best moving process possible.