3 Tips On Preparing For Long Term Vehicle Storage

 Some people do not have the luxury of owning a garage to put their car for extended periods. If this is you, then long-term vehicle storage is something you may have already thought about. There are also people who need to store their car away for the winter because it is not the type of car meant for driving on snowy, icy roads.

There are times when it may be necessary to consider getting a place to store your vehicle for a long time. If you’re storing your vehicle for less than three months, a simple car-cover will suffice.

If you are traveling for a few months at a time, or you just got a car that will be customized in the near future, but you need space to park your current car at home, it is better to store it somewhere safe while you are away or until you are ready to get working on that project.

Keep your vehicle indoors and away from the elements in a climate-controlled storage unit for the best results. You can work on your vehicle here and make sure it’s taken care of in the off-season. Here are three excellent tips from us at Fortress Secure Mini Storage for keeping your vehicle in pristine condition. 

Choosing the Right Storage for the Long Term

Whatever your reasons are for storing a vehicle for the long term, you need to check out a storage facility carefully before placing your vehicle. There are a few things to check when visiting a facility.

Storage Size

When deciding upon a storage unit, you definitely want a place that isn’t too small or too big. Too small of a unit and you can’t fit your car in, too large of a unit and you end up paying for space you don’t need.

At Fortress Secure Mini Storage, we allow you to park your car in the unit before you decide on it so you can see exactly how much room you’ll have.

Storage Facility Location

Is it close to your home? Is it easy to access? A secure facility should be gated but access by individuals who rent there should be relatively easy. You should be provided with a code to access the gate during certain hours of the day.

Self-Storage Security & Features

Keep your car safe with a facility that has an excellent security system. 24/7 monitoring through video surveillance, fenced grounds, burglar alarms, and keyless access are all attributes of a great self-storage facility. There’s no need to worry about your precious vehicle with Fortress Secure, we offer the latest security technology for storage in Santa Maria. Self-storage for your cars, trucks and even off-roading toys has never been easier!

Convenient Car-Storage

It’s important to have a great experience when storing your vehicles, so make sure you know exactly what you need for your vehicle storage and what amenities are available at your storage facility. Climate-controlled units are not a must for storing vehicles, but they are available if you have a very expensive or classic car. Roll-up doors are an absolute must for getting your car in and out easily, so make sure the facility you choose offers this (we do). Fortress Secure also offers the widest entrances and the tallest ceilings possible, so most any vehicle can fit!

Prepare Your Vehicle for Storage

 Once you find the storage facility, you can prepare your car for storage. Be sure that it has gas in the tank and be sure to add stabilizers if it will be left there for more than a few months.  Bring jacks with you to store the car so that the tires will not weight heavily on the ground and flatten. Once the vehicle is in the facility, disconnect the battery.

 Disconnecting the battery is an important step. Just remember that you did this so you will not worry when you go to reclaim your car. The battery can corrode if left connected so always take precautions against this by removing the connection from the car connectors to the battery.

 While your car will be in a climate-controlled storage unit you want to keep it as clean as possible to avoid any damage. Use a car cover to protect it and keep dust from settling on it.

 Go and enjoy your long trip with the peace of mind that your car is safe and sound. If you will be returning to access the vehicle so you can begin working on restoring it, you can be sure that it will be in the same condition in which you left it.