Tips for Storing Your Boat in the Off-Season

Most boat owners don't use their boat year-round. Having access to the right boat storage facilities and knowing how to prepare your boat will help ensure that it stays in good shape when you aren't using it. As long as you find a reliable indoor location for storage, you won't have to take too many additional steps to get your boat ready for storage. If you plan on using an outdoor storage option, you will have to take some extra time to prevent damage from weathering and pests. Find out what to do here. 

Utilize Self-Storage for Boat Storage

The number one tip for protecting your boat when you aren't using it is to put it into dry and weather-tight storage such as a locking storage unit. Not only is this one of the most secure ways to lock up your boat when you're finished for the season, but it's also one of the most protective options that still offer convenience. Fortress Secure Mini Storage offers indoor spaces up to 20' x 25'  with drive-up access, making it possible to store a wide range of boats indoors at an affordable rate. If you must store your boat outdoors, use a protected RV parking space like the ones at a self-storage facility to prevent vandalism and to make theft much more difficult than if your boat was stored at home. 

Prep Your Boat for Self-Storage

Whether you're putting your boat away inside a weather-tight self-storage unit, or you're parking it in an uncovered parking space, there are many prep steps you should go through to safeguard your boat for long-term storage. Always start by giving your boat a complete cleaning inside and out to remove any contaminants from its surfaces. Apply protective sealers such as wax and oil to the various surfaces of the boat to prevent rot and weathering. Flush the cooling system and change the engine oil. Use a fogging oil procedure to protect your boat's engine during storage, disconnect the battery to prevent wear from sitting and top up the fuel system while adding a stabilizer to keep it in good health. Finally, wrap your boat with a cover designed for your model whether it's stored indoors or outside. This cover will keep out pests in both environments and offer the necessary weather protection if you store your boat outdoors. 

Secure Boat Storage

One of the biggest fears of most boat owners is tampering from other people when their boat is stored out of the way for the season. Boats go missing every day, especially when they're stored in a driveway or on the side of a house without any real security measures in place. With Fortress Secure Mini Storage you get your boat behind a locked gate and under the watch of a 24/7 video recording system. This facility is protected by alarms and designed to offer reliable security while still giving you access to your boat whenever you want it so you won't have to make special arrangements if you want to take out your boat for a weekend and then store it away again when you're finished. 

As long as you take the necessary prep steps, you can safeguard your boat against weathering and tampering during storage and keep it ready to go when you want to take it out again. Fortress Secure Mini Storage offers the ideal indoor and outdoor storage conditions, giving you a convenient and affordable space to keep your boat in the offseason.