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Winter Self-Storage for Delicate Items

Admin | November 15, 2019 @ 12:00 AM

Winter Self-Storage for Delicate Items

Keeping your valuables in good condition while in self-storage is always your priority, but in the winter months, there are even more precautions to take. 

Winter brings an increase in humidity to otherwise temperate climates. Moisture can be the enemy of delicate items. 

Before you search for “storage near me,” use these tips from Fortress Secure Mini Storage to prepare even the most delicate items for a safe stay in storage this winter. 

1. Electronics

Remove any batteries from electronic items. This will protect them from corrosion and leakage. The original boxes each electronic came in are the best for packing and storing them, but if the original packaging isn’t available, use paper wrapping, styrofoam and cardboard or plastic storage boxes. Do not use bubble wrap, as it can hold moisture in. Use desiccators to help absorb any moisture that does get into your storage unit.  

2. Books

Books should be cleaned and sealed in individual plastic storage bags. Always stand books up instead of stacking them. Store books in cardboard boxes or plastic containers off of the ground. 

3. Vehicles 

Before parking and leaving a vehicle for long-term storage, give it a good cleaning. Exteriors that are dry, waxed and covered store the best. Be sure the gas tank is full, and change the oil before parking. 

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