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Top Factors for College Students in Choosing the Best Storage Unit

The Fortress Secure Team | June 24, 2024 @ 12:00 AM

Dorm rooms and student apartments are notoriously small with barely enough room for the necessities let alone any extras. Before you know it, you’ve accrued a few new goodies along the way—college swag, themed party costumes, a few bar glasses. It all adds up. 

Now that you’re wrapping up the school year and have to say goodbye to your current space, you realize that you’ve accumulated a lot more than you thought. 

And even though you’ll only be gone for the summer, you have to decide what to do with your belongings, new and old.

Aside from trashing everything that’s beyond repair, you can donate your once-cherished stuff to fellow students. What college kids don’t love free stuff?!

And then there are the items you want or need to keep. The thing is, you can’t take it all home with you, even for just a few months. 

Lucky for you, there’s a fantastic option! Consider renting a storage unit for the summer. Easy peasy. 


We know you’re busy with final exams and parties. Or maybe, parties and final exams. Priorities, right? 

We’re here to lighten your load and help you figure out the right storage unit to suit your unique needs. 

Read on for our top tips to consider when selecting your ideal rental space. 

Storage Unit Size

Yes, size matters! 

All kidding aside, choosing the right size is important for a couple of reasons. Cost is dictated by the size of your storage unit. You also need to ensure all of your belongings fit. 

You may want to make a list of everything you’re planning to store. The storage facility can help you figure out the best size for your needs, but here are a few things to keep in mind

⦁ Will you need room for big or bulky things?

⦁ Will the majority of your property fit into easily stackable storage tubs that open up available space? 

⦁ When calculating measurements, be sure to consider ceiling height as well.

Storage Unit Costs

Starving college student? We get it. Here are a few things, in addition to size, that will affect cost. 

⦁ Does the facility offer any packages or promotions?

⦁ Will you be renting an indoor or outdoor storage unit?

⦁ How long will you require storage? Some facilities offer a monthly option while others enforce a minimum rental period. 

⦁ Do you have friends or roommates who may also need storage? Sharing a space may reduce your costs. 

⦁ Do they charge penalty fees for late payments? Make sure you read the fine print on the rental contract.

Storage Facility Location

⦁ Location plays an important role from both cost and access perspectives. If you’re storing items for the entire summer break, chances are you won’t 

need regular access to them until you resume your studies in the fall. 

If you don’t need frequent access, a facility on the outskirts of town may be less expensive for your temporary storage needs.

Indoor Storage Units

⦁ Climate-controlled

⦁ Protection from outdoor elements

⦁ Less convenient access and limited hours

⦁ Units tend to be more expensive for a smaller size than outdoor units

⦁ Multiple floors with elevator access

Outdoor Storage Units

⦁ Convenient access, including the ability to drive directly to your unit

⦁ Less expensive than indoor units for the same size

⦁ No climate control

Exposure to outdoor elements

Storage Unit Climate

Is your facility located in a warm or cool region? Excessive heat may negatively affect your stored items. Is your facility climate-controlled, or does it offer climate protection? 

Before moving anything into your unit, check with the facility that all of your possessions are permitted and safe to store. While each facility has its own rules, there are some standard items not allowed in your unit, including:

⦁ Food, including pet food

⦁ Weapons and ammunition

⦁ Hazardous materials, including flammable and combustible chemicals

⦁ Plants

⦁ Drugs

⦁ Valuable, priceless items

⦁ Wet items

Security and Safety

You’re entrusting your precious possessions to the storage facility of your choice. During your initial call, ask the facility what security measures are in place, including:

⦁ Do they have video monitoring? 

⦁ Security guards? 

⦁ Do they have good lighting? 

The ultimate question is how protected are your possessions, and do you feel safe when accessing your unit?

As your semester comes to an end, celebrate your success, and leave your worries behind for the summer, including finding the perfect storage unit. 

With this handy dandy storage information at your fingertips, you’re already ahead of the game! 

So, when your parents tell you that they turned your old room into their new hobby room or home gym and they don’t have room to store your belongings for the summer, have no fear. You’ve got this!

The Fortress Secure Team
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