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How Self-Storage Can Save College Students Serious Money

Admin | February 10, 2020 @ 12:00 AM

Many college students are spending more money than necessary to either transport their belongings back and forth to and from school or to house their extra items during the school year. With the right storage in Santa Maria, CA these extra costs can be avoided. Below are three ways self-storage can save the average college student some serious money. Follow along and learn to reduce your costs. 

Reduce Moving Costs

As a college student, you likely have to move your belongings between your dorm and your home over the summer. This is costly and time-consuming if you don't go to school close to home. Renting a self-storage unit to hold all your school furniture and other large items can help you minimize this cost. You'll only have to pay for a small moving truck to get your items to the unit and that's it. 

Cut Your Furniture Bill

To get over having to move furniture back and forth between home and college at the end of a school year many students get rid of their belongings and replace them with new stuff the following year. Even the students that sell their belongings will take a big loss on all these items each year. 

Using an affordable storage unit to hold these items is a basic way to avoid the cost of replacing these items. Just hold them for all the years you'll be in college and save a bundle. 

Reduce Your Rent Cost

While many students live in dorm rooms that are basically a set cost, others rent apartments or other spaces off-campus during their time at college. It's often a mistake to get a bigger space just to accommodate larger items you won't use all the time. Consider putting your larger valuables in a Fortress Secure Mini Storage facility to keep them accessible and safe, but to help you avoid getting an oversized space and paying more rent. If you can live comfortably in a small space because of storage for college students, you'll reduce your costs each month. 

A basic storage unit can help you save money by helping you avoid all the costly situations listed above. You can even share storage with another student or two to lower your costs even more as long as you trust those students.

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