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How to Keep Your Belongings Secure With Business Self-Storage

Admin | December 6, 2019 @ 12:00 AM

Secure Business Self-Storage Options with FSM

Storage units cover 68 million square feet of the United States. That’s almost 1200 football fields! But how many square feet are as secure as ours? 

Your files are sensitive and important. Client information needs to stay safe and secure from theft, fire, mildew and prying eyes. If you are renting an office space, there is no guarantee your files are safe.

 Unless your office was custom-built, there is likely no secure, fire-safe room on site. You’re stuck using some back closet space to store everything including office supplies and files. What happens when the pizza place downstairs accidentally starts a fire in the building?

Create space in your office and secure your files and sensitive electronics with business self-storage at Fortress Secure Mini Storage. In our units, we provide high-ceiling units to give you extra space and storage. You can even store extra office furniture in our self-storage units, including long conference tables.

Our 8x8 ft. doors give you plenty of room to maneuver when moving in. And our extra-wide aisles provide plenty of space to allow large moving trucks. If you’re relocating an entire corporate office, our spaces are the perfect option.


How Secure are Our Storage Units? 

Your business files and equipment sit behind an electronic security gate and are guarded by 24-hour recorded cameras. Each public storage unit features state of the art burglar alarms and fire detectors wired to reach out to the local fire department. 

When you use self-storage away from your office, you don’t lose access. You receive a unique code for the security gate and you can access your storage units 24/7 and 365 days a year. A backup generator will kick in case of an outage increasing security by keeping all lights and security systems running.

Are you ready to make room in your office and store your files someplace safe? Reserve your space today!

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