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Seasonal Car Storage Maintenance

Admin | April 23, 2020 @ 12:00 AM

One of the best ways to preserve the life of a vehicle you love is to store it for part of the year when you don't plan on driving it around. Unfortunately, many people don't have a garage, or space in their garage for this type of storage.

That's why many turn to other storage options such as outdoor car storage or indoor storage at a self-storage facility. These options can work very well under the right conditions. It's important to know that you need to follow certain car maintenance steps to keep your vehicle healthy while it's stored away, especially if you're storing it for a season or longer.

We compiled these maintenance and self-storage tips to walk you through the process of readying your vehicle for storage.

Change the Oil and Top off the Fuel Tank

It's always a good idea to put in brand-new oil into your vehicle before putting it into storage, no matter what sort of storage you're using. New oil has fewer impurities that can damage your engine and other crucial parts of your vehicle's drive system. 

Protect Your Tires

Before putting your vehicle into seasonal car storage you must take steps to protect your tires. Invest in four jack stands and inflate your tires right in the middle of the recommended PSI range. When putting your ride into self-storage, lift it up onto the four jack stands to take the pressure off your tires and prevent soft spots and wear over extended storage periods. 

Safeguard the Car's Finish

Have your vehicle professionally detailed inside and out and ensure there is no dirt, stain, or other imperfection on its surface to create a lasting stain. Also, coat your car with a nice thick protective wax layer for added safety. If you plan on using outdoor car storage near me you should also invest in a good sturdy car cover designed specifically for your vehicle to safeguard against the elements. 

Maintain Good Battery Health

To protect your battery and ensure it works properly when you come back, disconnect the battery when you store your ride. If you'll be leaving your car for months you should remove your battery and store it in a climate-controlled space at home. Maintain the battery with a trickle charger to keep it ready to go when you pick up your ride. 

Safeguard the Vehicle Against Rodents

There are a few steps you should take to keep mice and other pests from calling the interior of your vehicle home. Add steel screens over the exhaust system and all the intakes of your vehicle using tape on unpainted surfaces. This simple step prevents pests from having easy access to your ride while it sits. 

Choose the Storage Location with Care

Finally, the most important step, deciding where you're going to store your ride. It's up to you to choose the best location to keep your vehicle. At Fortress-Secure Mini Storage, we have two convenient storage locations in Arroyo Grande and Santa Maria, California.

You also need to consider where you store your ride because of security concerns. With Fortress Secure Mini Storage we offer the highest level of protection for your vehicle. It will be monitored by security cameras, safeguarded by an electronic locking gate, and also regularly monitored by staff members. 

As long as you carefully follow the maintenance best-practices for seasonal car storage you will have good results over time. And you can rest easy knowing that with Fortress Secure your vehicle is protected and safe for when you need it next.

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