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Quality Storage Options For Students

Admin | June 1, 2020 @ 12:00 AM

Moving away from home to attend school for the first time is an exciting experience you'll remember forever. It doesn't come without its challenges though. Dorm rooms aren't usually as spacious as family homes are, and you could find yourself in need of more storage space than you anticipate.

This is why so many college students turn to self-storage to meet their needs. Follow our self-storage tips to help enhance your college experience by helping you choose the perfect storage facility and unit type to meet your needs and to allow you to live more comfortably throughout your college adventures. 

Getting the Space You Need For Your Move

Whether you're moving away to school, moving back home after a semester, or moving to a new city in preparation for a move, having access to the right student storage facility will make your life significantly easier. Store your belongings while waiting to move them into your dorm or back home, or utilize self-storage to house the extras you don't want to drag with you to your dorm.

At locations like Fortress Secure Mini Storage you can get comfortable 5' x 5' spaces to hold all your extras, or you can upsize your unit all the way to any size you need all the way up to 20' x 25' so nothing gets left behind.

Finding the Perfect Storage for Your School

One of the keys to getting college student storage that works for you is choosing a facility that's nearby to your school, or convenient for you to access. Try and select a secure and convenient location with the space you need that's close enough for you to travel to when you need to.

Keep location in mind as well as your primary mode of transportation when making your storage choice and you'll end up with an option you enjoy using and that you can access frequently. 

Why Student Storage is Perfect for Summers and Travel

It's perfectly reasonable to leave your belongings in your dorm while going away for vacation or for short-term travel, but if you live in a shared space you're taking a risk by doing so. Whether you're planning to travel, or you are going home for the summer, a facility like Fortress Secure Mini Storage will safeguard your belongings while you're away.

You'll retain complete control over your belongings, and they will be protected by burglar alarms, video surveillance, and regular monitoring. You can also avoid the chore of taking your belongings home for the summer with quality storage, which is a huge relief for regular students. 

Find high-quality student storage near your school and invest in it for security and space to live comfortably throughout your college years.

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