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Using Self-Storage to Warehouse Documents and Handling Document Disposal

Admin | March 31, 2020 @ 12:00 AM

One of the biggest storage and maintenance challenges many modern businesses still wrestle with is handling all their paperwork. This is especially true for law firms, real estate brokers, accountants, and other professionals that maintain stacks of paperwork for each of their customers. 

Many businesses are relying on digital documentation whenever possible, but there are still boxes and boxes of paper files to be dealt with at many offices around the world. Self-storage facilities serve as a convenient business storage tool for many companies, but they should only be used with a carefully planned approach by the business agency. 

Store Your Business Documents in a Secure Location

For many businesses, paper documents hold more value than equipment and the actual merchandise of the company. These documents are often keys to trade secrets, valuable client details and more. Because of this, you should only use a corporate public storage solution that you trust. Self-storage facilities such as Fortress Secure Mini Storage stand out by offering a cost-effective solution that's also very secure.

 As long as you take the necessary steps to protect your documents from moisture and fire damage, you can enjoy the 24/7 security monitoring, the alarm systems and the durable locks for reliable protection of your documents. Fortress Secure Mini Storage also offers a variety of space sizes from a compact 5'x5' unit up to an expansive 20' x 25' unit for massive paperwork warehousing needs. 

Shred, Process and Organize all Your Business Paperwork Carefully

Before ever sending documents to your chosen storage facility you should have any unnecessary documents recycled, or carefully destroyed by a certified facility if there is delicate information such as social security numbers or credit card numbers on the papers. 

This step protects your business and reduces the clutter in your storage space at the same time. It's also important to set up a revolving maintenance schedule where additional paperwork is removed from storage over time when you have no use for it, so plan for this from the very beginning to make your storage system effective. 

Store Your Important Documents Against Moisture and Fire Damage

Once you've removed all the unnecessary paperwork from your heaps of items to be stored, it's time to process everything so that it's usable to your company. Store valuable documents in archival dry boxes, or weathertight fireproof cabinets for the very valuable stuff. Be sure to label and sort your documents using a reliable filing system so you can find what you need whenever you need it. 

Also, consider labeling highly secure documents with which employees are allowed access, or using additional storage space for the documents that require an even greater level of protection and limited access. With a self-storage facility, you can implement more security measures and sorting measures to safeguard your company files and documents at exactly the level you need, all while keeping your costs at reasonable levels. 

Follow these simple tips and you'll have an effective and secure paper storage system that your business can depend on for many years into the future. IF you end up needing more space later on, just upsize your storage unit or add on another unit and keep all your files where they are protected and accessible.

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