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Embracing Minimalism with Self-Storage

Admin | May 29, 2020 @ 12:00 AM

Today, more people than ever are trying to live a minimalist lifestyle. Minimalism is about more than just having few possessions, it's about having all the things that you need and little else. That means that building a minimalist lifestyle is going to be a different process for everyone.

That's why we put together some general-purpose de-cluttering tips, that you can use along with a good self-storage unit to transform your home into the minimalist haven you always knew it could be.

It won't be easy, but with enough perseverance and the right approach you can make your home more efficient and more aesthetically pleasing all at the same time. 

Tips for De-Cluttering Your Home

The first step to becoming a real minimalist is getting rid of the excess that you don't need in your home. Start by sorting through each area of your home and setting aside all the objects that you don't use on a regular basis. This means setting aside the items that you only use occasionally and also the objects that you rarely use. 

Once that process is complete, and it's a long process, you must sort all the non-essential items in your home into groups. One is items that you will give away, another is items to throw away, one is for items you will sell, and the last is items that you will store for use later.

Make sure that you only hold onto objects for storage that you know you will use in the future. A good example of these objects are winter coats, sleds, holiday decorations, summer clothes, and other objects that you aren't currently using but know you will later. You can also keep a small number of objects for sentimental reasons, but try and minimize those as well.

You can do this by digitizing papers and photos, Once you have the different groups defined, you can start taking care of all the excess in your home. Throw out the junk, give away the free stuff, sell off the other objects and store the rest using a garage, an attic, or self-storage space like one of the storage units offered at Fortress Secure Mini Storage. 

Achieve a Minimalist Design 

After you remove the excess from your home you still might not have the minimalist look that you want. That's because making your home look minimal means changing some key design themes throughout your space. You should opt for lighter and more neutral colors for things like paint, flooring, cabinets, and other large surfaces.

Also, try and bring in as much natural light as you can, which may mean removing dark blinds and drapes, or installing larger windows in your home.

Start storing like objects such as dry goods, spices, sewing supplies, and hardware into uniform containers that look neat and professional. Also, consider using open shelving, glass-front cabinets, and other more open designs throughout your space.

This shift to a more clean and open themed in your home will make it look more minimalist, more orderly, and less cluttered overall. 

Choosing the Right Self-Storage

One of the steps of safely storing the belongings in your home to give your space a minimalism makeover is to choose a storage facility that you believe in. You want a secure location such as Fortress Secure Mini Storage that employs gates, locks, surveillance, and alarms to protect your belongings.

If you have anything delicate to store, such as electronics, papers, furniture, and other sensitive objects, it's helpful to invest in climate-controlled storage as well. These are all things you can get from Fortress Secure Mini Storage.

You should also take the time to fully consider which size unit will accommodate your belongings so you don't get something too small or too large when selecting a storage space. If you keep all of these concerns in mind when choosing a storage space you will have better results with it and will be able to accomplish your goals with minimalism more readily. 

De-Cluttering with Self-Storage Tips

Adopting a minimalist lifestyle often means having access to high-quality self-storage facilities like Fortress Secure Mini Storage. You'll need the space to store all the excess items that you don't use regularly at your home, but don't want to get rid of, which is exactly what minimalist storage is all about.

Take all your ‘keep’ items that you accrued when sorting through your home and package them into labeled containers. Neatly organize and stack those containers in your storage unit and leave open walkways so you have immediate access to everything stored.

Consider making an inventory of the items in your storage as well so that you know where everything is located, and more importantly what you are holding onto. The real key to being successful with self-storage is to periodically go through your stored items and get rid of anything that you aren't using annually.

Over time you should be able to reduce the number of items in storage as you become a more effective minimalist. 

Clearing out the clutter in your home and transforming your living space into a minimalist space isn't an easy process nor is it a fast one. By following the guidelines laid out above, and using other minimalism-related resources, you can use a self-storage unit to help you achieve your goals sooner and to help you remain efficient even with fewer items available throughout your home.

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