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Making Room For Baby With Storage

Admin | May 15, 2020 @ 12:00 AM

There are few times in your life as exciting as when you have a new baby on the way. Unfortunately, having a new baby is also a nerve-wracking experience, especially if you're a new parent. One thing you can do to help you feel more prepared is to go through the steps of baby-proofing your house.

We won't go into every detail of the process here, but we will explain how you can start the process and make the most important changes around your home using a self-storage solution to hold the extra items that don't have a place in your home any longer. Keep reading and learn how to ready your home for your little one so he or she can explore safely. 

Secure Your Home

The first step is to do away with any heavy, sharp, or hazardous items in your home that could injure a crawling baby or walking toddler. These are all things you likely won't want around once your baby becomes mobile, so it's helpful to do away with them as soon as you can.

Some items you can just sell off or give away if you don't care to have them back again in the future. Other things you'll want to place in a safe location such as a unit at Fortress Secure Mini Storage. Things like family heirlooms, expensive pieces of furniture you want to use again, or other items with the sentimental value you can keep safe in a secure facility for a few years and then get them out when your little one is older. 

Declutter for Room to Roam

Mobile babies and especially toddlers love to crawl and walk and climb and explore. It's one of the ways they learn. That's why it's so important to try and open up space around your home for them to move around and explore. Decluttering is one of the best ways to do this.

Get rid of all the extra stuff you don't need and you'll be amazed at how much floor space opens up. You can gift, sell and donate the things you don't want, but you can also tuck away items into self-storage until your child gets older and you can safely take those items back out once again. 

Create a Cozy Playroom

Creating a comfy playroom that's safe for your baby and secured with a gate is one of the best things you can do or your own peace-of-mind as a parent. Having a safe room for your baby gives you a place you can leave them to play while you get things done around the house. You can even add a baby monitor so you can watch your little one play while you're in a different room.

Clearing up a whole room's worth of space can be a challenge though, especially if you're currently using that space as an office, a guest room, or for another purpose. This is another time when self-storage can work in your favor. Store all the furniture and extras that you need out of the way int your unit and you'll be ready to set up your baby's space.

By using self-storage you can get through the process faster and take another giant step toward baby-proofing your house. 

At Fortress Secure Storage we offer a safe space for all your valuables, which makes our different sized units perfect for holding all the extras that you need out of the way while you have a small baby in your house. Trust our facilities to hold all your extra items in an effort to babyproof your space and enjoy the safer and more secure playroom as a result.

Baby proofing is a major process, but with the right storage solution available it isn't as difficult as it first seems.

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