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3 Ways to Purge Closets For More Space

Admin | July 20, 2020 @ 12:00 AM

Feeling overwhelmed by the state of your closet? Or maybe you simply can't find anything to wear efficiently so you need to overhaul your space and make more room for clothing storage. You can sort things out with a few clever wardrobe storage ideas.

One idea is to look into getting a storage unit in Arroyo Grande (AG). An AG storage unit will help you cover even more ground by opening up more space at home. With the right storage unit sizes available to you, you can effectively make room for all the clothing that you'll need at home and keep it all meticulously organized as well.

Rapidly Purge Your Home Closet

With access to quality AG self-storage space, you can get to purging the closets and other storage nooks and crannies in your home. Before you start worrying about different home storage ideas to clear up space for clothing, go through all your closets and pull out anything you don't wear on a regular basis.

Make a pile of clothing you might want to keep, items you want to donate, and pieces you want to sell. Take photos of all the for-sale items and package everything into separate marked containers. With everything packed up, you can move this unneeded clothing to your storage unit for safekeeping.

Hold onto the items you aren't sure about for a few months and see if you miss any of them during that time. If not, move those items into the sell or give away containers of clothing. Take your time and sell off clothing from your for-sale containers and donate the other clothing when you have the time to do so to clear up that space in your storage unit.

By utilizing a storage unit for this purpose you can clear out your home closet very rapidly, and achieve an organized space that you love sooner. 

Store Seasonal Items Until They're Needed

The next step of your closet cleanout will come from packing up the seasonal clothing items you don't want. The climate is very mild in Arroyo Grande, and you likely wear similar clothing for most of the year, but it's still worth separating clothing by the time of year if you change up your outfits at all throughout the year.

Package these items up in your home storage space, and then send them over to your self-storage with clear labels to help you access them as you need them. Without the seasonal items in your closet, you should have even more room to get everything that remains neat and organized. 

Safeguard Keepsake Clothing Items

The final step to transforming your home closet is to pack away all the clothing keepsakes that you can't bear to part with because of their sentimental value. Things like wedding dresses, bridesmaids outfits, a special heirloom piece from a passed on relative, and more.

These items shouldn't be kept in your closet because you don't plan to wear them and they're exposed to regular wear that will damage them over time. Invest in a quality wardrobe storage organizer box, and pack this clothing up for long-term storage.

Label it with care, get thick wardrobe boxes, and hang the clothing using high-quality hangers. Store these keepsakes in a secure self-storage facility with excellent security features and fire protection. Our facility at Fortress Secure Mini Storage comes with burglar alarms, fire systems, surveillance cameras, and gated entry, and offers a high level of protection for valuables you can't bear to lose. 

If you clear out your closet in these three ways with quality self-storage you will have the space you need for the clothing you really value and use regularly. Now you can enjoy having an efficient wardrobe and a closet that you like to use!

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